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ACT launches an Innovative Program for Senior Teaching Professionals

9th August 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has launched a new program, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching (PGET), an advanced level course customized to fit the needs of senior educators and mid-career teachers in various institutions. ACT is always striving to provide the best for the teaching and training professionals and prepare the 21st century teaching workforce to face global classrooms with confidence and ease. The new program has been designed to challenge the assumptions of what education is with a special focus on the current pedagogy and best practices in learning and teaching catering to the needs of the teaching professionals willing to gain expertise as per their position & area of teaching, broaden their horizon and gain an edge over when it comes to the most effective techniques to teach learners at different levels. PGET course is designed by industry experts and is available in an online mode of learning. The course provides a stimulating experience with a focus on the professional development of experienced teachers who can gain comprehensive knowledge in education and teaching that is supported by expert tutors and trainers with vast practical and academic experiences.



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