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ACT Live Online Workshop on Diagnosing and Observing Autistic Children captured the interest of the Attendees

31st October 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted a highly interactive CPD live online session on 'Diagnosing and Observing Autistic Children' on 28th October, 2022 facilitated by Dr Amrita Panda, a registered Rehabilitation Psychologist with PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology & Rehabilitation from the University of Calcutta. The objective of the session was to acquaint 21st century teaching aspirants, working teaching professionals, parents with the concept of Autism. It is not yet known what causes autism, but it can be detected by the age of two. Brain development is different in autistic individuals and to identify the symptoms one needs to have an in-depth understanding of how different autism is, from Intellectual Disability, Down syndrome to Cerebral Palsy. The live online session also stressed on the fact that it is crucial for inclusive teachers, SEN educators, shadow teachers and even parents of special kids to be aware of the symptoms of autism and the ways of multi-dimensional management of autism spectrum disorder. The comprehensive online workshop helped the participants gain a comprehensive knowledge about Autism.

The live online session by Dr Panda, having 15+ years of experience in research, clinical practice, teaching and most prominently administration, catering particularly to individuals with special needs and their families, especially Autism, emphasised areas like ‘Knowing Autism: The primary challenges’, ‘The variability and diagnosis of ASD’, ‘How ASD is different from ID, DS & CP’, ‘Role of Special Education’, ‘Multi-dimensional Management of ASD: Special Education, Therapeutic Intervention, Behaviour Modification, Parental Training’, ‘Parent - Therapist Collaboration Model’, ‘Special Educator's health care and future’ etc. The key focus remained on making teachers aware of the noticeable symptoms and to develop the understanding of Autism as a spectrum.


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