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Attendees Got Emotionally Stirred during ACTs Live Online Session on Autism

7th February 2023

Asian College of Teachers conducted a one of a kind live webinar on 6th January, 2023 bringing to the fore the individuals with special needs. The webinar was conducted by Dr Amrita Panda, rehabilitation psychologist, founder and managing director, DeepRanjani Foundation that deals with specially-abled children. Dr Panda provided a deeper insight into the behavioural patterns of individuals with autism. She took the attendees on a virtual tour around her Foundation to meet an extremely talented bunch of autistic men and women who excelled in various crafts and arts. The live online session focused on vocational skill building training and employment generation for adults with intellectual disabilities to eventually merge them into the mainstream society. The individuals were being equipped with various skills that will render them employable. It indeed was an amazing session and a unique laudable experience for the attendees who were emotionally touched to watch the individuals and delve into the various case studies that helped them to get a better grasp of the autism spectrum. Dr Panda, Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Cognitive Psychology & Rehabilitation and Masters of Arts in Experimental Psychology, with 15+ years research experience; an expert in clinical practice and teaching, catering to autism, parental learning, counselling, adolescence and sexual education including trauma care etc. works towards bringing a change in the lives of individuals with special needs.



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