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ACT's live online session on Cross-curricular Integration in Lesson Planning provided hands-on knowledge to the participants

22nd March 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted an engrossing CPD live online seminar on ‘Cross-curricular Integration in Lesson Planning’ on 17th March, 2023, wherein 29 participants took part. The session was facilitated by Ms. Manju Chakrawati, a seasoned educator with a teaching experience of more than 14 years in reputed international schools in Mumbai and Bangalore.

The objective of the session was to acquaint 21st century teaching aspirants / working teaching professionals with the concept of cross-curricular integration in lesson planning which emphasises the methods to assimilate components from other subject areas and integrate the same into one lesson to make learning fun and engaging. Ms. Chakrawati threw light on the integration of various disciplines like integrating music and numeracy in an English class. Apart from this, she also covered important areas like the ways to collaborate each subject with STEM based activity, merging learning topics, theme of lessons to be taught from various subject curricula etc. Her comprehensive live-online session helped the participants gain an inclusive knowledge on achieving excellence in teaching and to be at par with global educational standards because teaching and learning across subjects are gaining popularity across the globe and are said to help students navigate their world in a better manner.


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