Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Rita Akata Samuel
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
I had a great time during my course research which gave me the basic idea of counseling students without making them feel less of themselves as well as not being judgmental while counseling my clients.

Charumathi Babu
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Lalaji Memorial Omega International School
It is a great opportunity to enroll myself in this course combo offered by ACT and very thankful for each update I received throughout the course. They kindle and motivate my teaching career and are very supportive of my completion and submission of required assignments. The course offered great aspirations and essential teaching knowledge and skills that foster healthy relationships with varied learners in turn enhance holistic learning. I benefited from valuable insights like different approaches to empathy, changing teacher roles, and various other counseling skills to be a better supportive pillar for students.

Babita Behera
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Sarang Child Development Centre and School
Excellent support by the admin. They are able to suggest the completion of my assignment. Because of their quick and exact support I am able to finish my course within a time period.

Pavithrakshmi K M
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Taking up the online counseling course did bring up a lot of introspection and retrospection within me as a counseling student. Thank you team for all the support and cooperation throughout the journey.

Valerie Yentl Tan
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Malaysia and Selangor
I'm a therapist. The Energy Source & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I enjoyed the programme and the assignments. I wish I could explain further and give more examples but because of the word count, I had to shorten my assignments. The video was good too. I wished I had more videos to watch and more applicable strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.

Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Great experience, good knowledge. The content briefly explained how to manage students and how to counsel the students. Thanks to the coordinator and trainer.

Anjumoni Saikia
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Nagaon
Yes. In Sneha Tirtha, Amolapatty, Nagaon, Assam, India.
I got to know about the various methods and procedures of counseling children with different disabilities.

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
I was satisfied with the course and teachers given by the webinar, also very insightful and helpful. When we give counselling students we should remember all points which u have given in materials with very new keywords .

Sanchari Dasmahapatra
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Kolkata
Working as an assistant teacher at Sishu Tirtha Nursery & K.G School
The experience is good. Student support service is commendable. The learning process of the course is very thoughtful and well-structured.

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
Yes, as a special educator in St. Augustine's Day School, Kolkata
The course content was very useful and gave an in-depth understanding of counseling, it's necessity for students, the role of each individual in a student's life and also to enable the special children to cope up with their disabilities and perform better academically. The support from ACT coordinator has also been excellent, timely resolution to my queries. Also, on completion of each module I was intimated promptly by coordinator regarding the access to the next module. In case of any query I got a quick clarity. However, face-to-face interactions with the course counselor would have been more beneficial which ACT might have to take care of.

Ramsha Mirza
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India and Mumbai
Yes I am a faculty of Physics at Mahesh tutorials.
It was an amazing experience would love to do the course with the same Institute in future. The assignment correction was absolutely on time and never delayed all the Information were to the point from the content to write the Assignments.

James Dastan Damian
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Teacher - Dar Es Salaam International Academy, Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania.
My experience with The Asian College of Teachers' Counselling course for teachers was truly remarkable and incredibly engaging. I gained invaluable insights that I'm confident will significantly benefit both my teaching career and my personal life.