Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Nenden Sabar Lestari
Bachelor of Education in TESOL
I believe how this program can help me grow personally and professionally. I am excited to hone my collaboration skills by working with others and have the chance to see glimpses into my future career path as a teacher. In this study, there are many positive things to say, and I feel I have gained the most valuable professional development experience. I hope I can also give my students the same training and a clearer understanding of how this field operates in the future. I have learned that one of the most valuable skills teaching and management responsibilities can have is conflict resolution. During college, I attended one of the webinars you presented to teach effective management and teaching strategies, and I enjoyed learning about your approach. This course is a great way to reach my career goals and gain specialized knowledge and skills. By doing this, I can also show employers or companies in the future that I invested in improving and staying up-to-date in the education industry, demonstrating that I am a competent and reliable worker. So, I'm expecting to be a good teacher in the future and provide excellent teaching methods with the best results. And thanks to this course, I have completed my bachelor's degree successfully this year. I'm so happy

Leon Gerard Fernandez
Master of Arts in Teaching
Excellent coursework and great assistance provided during the Master in Teaching course.

Roshini Anie Thomas
Masters of Arts in Education with TESOL
Kerala, India
I had an enriching experience during the MA Education program. Many of the teaching programs are still outdated and do not equip the teachers for the modern classrooms. However, this specific course helped me to understand the modern day challenges, especially those after the pandemic. It makes the teacher face present-day challenges including the use of technology and internet in the classroom.

Mehjabeen Shafik
Bachelor of Education in Primary and Secondary Education
India - Mumbai
I am happy to complete my B.ed course in 2years itself. It was for 3 years . My coordinator was very supportive of me. Asian college of Teachers members are excellent.

Ashwini Suraj Devadiga
Masters of Arts in Education with Teaching Technology
Karnataka, India
The online MA in Education with Teaching Technology featured relevant content, clear presentation, and interactive engagement. Its structured format enabled seamless learning, supported by knowledgeable instructors. Fair assessments and technical integration ensured a smooth online experience. Further resources and support could augment the program's effectiveness.

Twinkle Ravindran
Masters of Arts in Education with TESOL
India, Delhi
This not the first time I enrolled into a programme with Asian College of Teachers, I completed 120 Hour International Certification in TEFL/TESOL in 2022. The trainer motivated us and tailored her instructions as per our needs, and I wished I had teacher like her during my school years. This feeling paved way for me to pursue higher studies with ACT. When I enrolled into Master's programme, I had doubts about myself however, coordinator's prompt responses and the evaluator's comments were the torch bearers for me. I continued to study and with every step became more confident. There was a time when I was unaware of terminologies like pedagogical, andragogical principles and now I confident enough to talk about them. This is just one of the examples I shared. The moment I shared about Masters programme at my work, I was given a batch to train. Truth be told, that was another star on my shoulder. I am grateful to Asian College of Teachers, the trainers, evaluators and coordinators who guided me at every step and helped me take a leap in my career. In one of my facebook posts I mentioned - Asian College of Teachers - An educational institution that has your back..!!, this statement stands true to it's core. Once again I express my gratitude to the members of ACT, those who become the face of the institution and those who work at back-end, alike. Those who intend to advance in their career should checkout Asian College of Teachers' courses. They have varieties of courses/subjects to choose from based on an individual's needs.

Edmond Kwame Amable Tawiah
Professional Doctorate in Education
It was a great academic journey. I was much impressed with the helpful nature of the staff and would recommend ACT to anyone who is willing to take their career to the next level.

Gigi Williams-Davis
Master of Arts in Education with Leadership and Administration
It was an excellent experience. At first, I was a bit timid but after I register and paid, I decided to give it my best shot. The online course was loaded with good content material that I could have relate to. The webinar with other professionals was very helpful and an eye opener. The lecturers during the webinars had lot of experience and delivered good relevant information. The assignments were really challenging but also engaging. I actually really enjoyed my experience.

Ayush Anand
Bachelor of Education in TESOL
My experience pursuing a B Ed in TESOL online with the Asian College of Teachers was uniquely insightful. The program provided a comprehensive understanding of teaching English to speakers of other languages, offering flexibility to manage my schedule effectively. While the online format allowed for communication, a more interactive platform for discussions with peers and teachers could have enhanced the overall experience. Nevertheless, I appreciate the dedicated faculty's support, and the program has equipped me with valuable skills for my future in TESOL.

Rajib Kumar Roy
Professional Doctorate in Education
India and Bangalore
I applied for Doctorate program in leadership/learning development The pre admission support was very nice, to the point, and quick. The on the ground program followed the exact trajectory of the plan. The guide was very professional and over all review feedback during literature, design, data analysis was much higher then what I expected. The documentation feedback was also very elaborate. Thanks for all support. I appreciate and recommend.

Victoria Chinyere Wilson-Woko
Masters of Arts in Education with Early Childhood and Special Education
Nigeria, Abuja
I totally desired to undertake this program. It was financially exhausting due to the high foreign exchange rates in my country (Nigeria). However, it was worth it. I would have loved to have interactions with my course mates, but, I think working individually promoted an independent spirit. I would also add that the program has helped me improve on my writing skills, knowledge bank and confidence.