Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Lakshmi Iyer
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
India , Coimbatore
Counselling is a vast field. Children can be directed in the right path with little help from their teachers.

Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India Hyderabad
This certificate program is the best .All the modules are so well designed and thought provoking .All the assignments are just the best as they prepare us for most of the situations we are likely to encounter in our career ahead. We can directly handle a counseling session after completing this course without any apprehensions . Thank you ACT for making me future ready .

Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Bangalore
The content was good. However, it was not like an online course. It was more of a self study course. I could have gained this knowledge by reading books and articles myself. I was looking forward to some interactive sessions. However, I'm still looking forward to some job opportunities with your institution as well.

shweta julka
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Faridabad, Haryana
i am not working at present.
Certificate in teaching is a short duration course that is all-inclusive. It is a complete, far-reaching course that explains everything. It is of great scope for aspiring teachers. The fundamentals of good teaching practices are knowledge regarding the content, the resources, and the presentation of the content. The course covers everything from fundamentals of best teaching practices to observation, from how to observe, to ways to develop those skills, to narration and how narration can be an effective tool, to discussion and explanation. The content further explained the topics like Questioning, Demonstrations and how they can be used in teaching and learning,Application, Experiments, discovery learning, feedback, and how to provide feedback to students, graphic organizers, grouping, checklists, product descriptors, and rubrics. The course covers all important aspects of teaching. great for those who are looking for a short duration course with full knowledge.

Jeeja R
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Kerala

I am lucky to get this chance of learning in Asian College and I think it was a perfect decision to join you.

Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
Nigeria Lagos,
yes, Molbum Nursery and Primary School, Ipaja
The contents were practical, such a great learning experience and very informative. great support from the coordinators. I am happy to have taken such a decision. It was worth it.

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
Ahmedabad, India
Yes, In Delhi Public School - Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
The course went on good and the whole journey was well supported by the course coordinator. The content is focused on the practical situations where it can be easily understandable. I will definitely apply and incorporate the learnt things in the course to enhance my level of teaching which in turn helps my students holistic development. Thank You ACT for the wonderful experience once again after ECCE. Will surely look forward to pursuing one more course from the institution.

Surbhi Abhineet Sood
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
India and Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
Principal and director of Bachpan Play school which we have winded up few months back because of pandemic
Whatever The mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Allow your passion to become your purpose and one day it will become your profession

Sanjana Pinto
Certificate in Counselling Course for Teachers
The course content is apt and crisp. It provides everything that is needed to know about the topics. The assignments are definitely challenging.

Diana Passanah
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
India, Bangalore
This course has enhanced my skills and knowledge of the underlining problems in society psychologically, particularly faced by students and young adults; also remedies in the management of behavior issues, crisis and mannerisms. An excellent course to upgrade your skills to a better educator. Highly recommend it!

Mayuri Gavhane
Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
I recently resigned. Looking for challenging and good opportunities.
It was great to again learn from ACT. Although personally, believe In-class sessions are much better than online sessions. Still, Provided content is satisfactory and helpful to some extent. More support would be appreciated from the team for online sessions. Overall it was a great experience and definitely a value-adding experience/learning. Thank you.

Ummul Khair Asra
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Course for Teachers
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
MY coordinator was good , very cooperative and helped me in understanding the points or areas where ever I went wrong.